Lillee Allee - psychic, medium, tarot therapist

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Make magic work for you!

Two practitioners of supposedly opposing paths have discovered a new way to look at traditional magical practice. While many couples or partners try to achieve compromise, John and Lillee combine their knowledge and power to achieve successful change in their own lives and that of others. The Allees offer a clear middle path between the two strong foundations of occult philosophy, and this information can be applied to a variety of religious traditions and comparative religious thought.

The Allees show you how to bring balance to all aspects of your life without fear or guilt. Armed with this information, you will:

*Become acquainted with the various forms of paganism and spirituality.
*Comfortably define spirituality and religion in your own words
*Understand the limits of labels and communication.
*Learn how to find common ground in discussing issues of religious tolerance and education.
*Compare and contrast Christian philosophy with that of the alternative religions.
*Define evil and truth in a less biased manner.
*Accept responsibility for your magical and mundane actions.
*Manifest the best outcome for your goals.

As you read this book and think about the topics presented, you will embark on a journey of thought. Questions and exercises are provided to help you apply the information. The goal is to be able to manifest a healthy, balanced attitude toward life and its challenges, to encourage free thought, to critically examine your own relationship with the divine and each path and to harness your personal power.